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Monarch Butterfly Tour

monarcaThis tour visits one or more of the magnificent butterfly sanctuaries in the states of Mexico and Michoacán. Following a long uphill climb or donkey ride and a hike in the forest, you will notice that the trees seem to vibrate. Closer inspection reveals that the trees are covered with millions of monarch butterflies, who winter at these sites after migrating from as far away as Canada. The beautiful butterflies are clumped together to preserve their heat. When warmed by the sun, they will fly to search for food and water, darkening the sky because of their sheer numbers. It is a magnificent sight that you will never forget!




A sanctuary of light in Tlaxcala

In Tlaxcala from June to August, it seems the municipalities of Nanacamilpa and Españita are immersed in a sort of winter glow.. Nobody has placed lights to decorate the fir trees, but there is still a shine coming from the forest. Why? If you move a little closer, you will realize that the ephemeral light comes from the fireflies that take possession of the Tlaxcaltecan countryside. They arrive every year to mate, giving attendees a natural spectacle that will leave you breathless.

The adventure starts at the time that you go to the lush forest of conifers. Forget your cell phone and any other distraction, lose all communications with the world, and you’ll be there sitting in the middle of the forest enjoying the afternoon. As night falls, the forest is lit by thousands of tiny lights, creating a wonderful postcard with a naturally synchronized light show.

Day of death

Come to feel the experience of the magical celebration of the day of the death at México City on one of the most exciting  atmospheres of the old precolombian rituals.

From 31 of October to 2th of November

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